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Data Specialist Group’s private investigators and digital forensics experts have been featured in various TV and print news articles. Those articles validate the need for digital detectives in this new, paperless, interconnected metropolis. Most information today is stored electronically, as such the majority of us can benefit from the help of an experienced digital forensics examiner. In the same, a seasoned private investigator is necessary to pursue the artifacts a forensics analyst may uncover. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, Data Specialist Group will excel at obtaining the answers you need.

Our private investigators and digital forensics examiners have expertise obtained from years of service in “white collar crime” law enforcement, as well as private investigating. Our senior analyst served on the FBI task force investigating crimes against children. Our senior mobile forensics expert was the longest serving member of the United States Secret Service where he obtained extensive computer and mobile forensics training. This was training not available to the general public.  The companies founder has been qualified as an expert in electronically stored surveillance video by the courts. He holds a C and an A license in private investigations, with extensive background in information technology.

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Data Specialist Group’s team combines digital forensics experts from the Secret Service Task Force, FBI Task Force, Sheriff’s Office and Private Investigations. We specialize in all aspects of digital forensic evidence gathering, digital forensic preservation, analysis, and expert witness testimony.

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    One of the largest digital forensics and mobile
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