November 29, 2015

Digital Forensics Experts Tampa Bay FL

Digital Forensics Experts Tampa Bay
and Private Investigations Agency

Data Specialist Group’s private investigators and digital forensics experts have been featured in various TV and print news articles. Those articles validate the need for digital detectives in this new, paperless, interconnected metropolis. Most information today is stored electronically, as such the majority of us can benefit from the help of an experienced digital forensics examiner. In the same, a seasoned private investigator is necessary to pursue the artifacts a forensics analyst may uncover. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, Data Specialist Group will excel at obtaining the answers you need.

Since 1999 Data Specialist Group has conducted been provided Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and litigation support for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our senior analyst has years of Information Technology and Cyber Security expertise as well as twenty-five years of investigative experience. Our senior examiner has numerous certifications in digital forensics. The company’s founder has been qualified as an expert in digital forensics has testified in civil and criminal matters. He holds both an “A” and “C” license in private investigations as well as a Specialty Electrical Contractors license. These are just a few of the reasons we are Tampa Bay’s first choice in digital forensics and cyber investigations.


If you’re in need of a qualified and experienced computer/mobile forensics examiner, Data Specialist Group has the digital forensics experts you’re seeking. Our goal is to assist you in getting the answers you need in an effective, discreet and professional manner. With so many people tied to their digital devices, the answers you seek are most likely stored electronically. Our team has more than 90 combined years of experience in corporate, civil and criminal investigations. We have been trained in and utilize tools recognized by the courts such as Guidance Software’s Encase and Access Data’s Forensic Tool Kit (FTK). At Data Specialist Group, we understand the importance of maintaining our client’s privacy and confidentiality. Our digital forensics examiners understand the necessity for compassion, good judgment, attention to detail, honesty and confidentiality. Contact us today as our consultations are always confidential.


Technology has particularly changed the business world. The advent of computers and the Internet has increased that impact significantly. Most businesses can not function without the use of computer technology. This influence is seen in nearly all areas of business, including human resources, where technology continues to have a significant effect on HR practices. Almost daily, the media reports on identity theft, employee theft of intellectual material, stolen propriety company material, client lists and possible sabotage of data. While the majority of information technology professionals, human resource practitioners and attorneys agree that every organization, large or small, should have strong technology and Internet usage policies, disagreement arises on just how limited or expansive employee access to the information systems should be. If you have a situation pertaining to a violation of your company’s policies and procedures, Data Specialist Group can obtain the answers you need.


Data Specialist Group can provide litigation support to you and your clients by assisting in data collection, digital forensics analysis and expert witness testimony. Our senior digital forensics expert has testified in state, federal and appellate courts.


If your concern is that your partner may be cheating, there are ways their infidelity can be discovered, even if your partner thinks he or she is carefully covering their tracks. In addition to uncovering infidelity, forensic examinations play a key role in divorce prep. Our examinations most often uncover hidden bank accounts, stock trading accounts and other financial data. This is information that is no longer available from database services or can not be obtained legally without a subpoena.  As such, digital forensics plays a key role in obtaining insight on who to subpoena.

A common belief is that if something has been deleted from a computer or phone that it can not be found. In most cases it’s still there. Data Specialist Group specializes in recovering electronically stored information (ESI). The admissibility of ESI requires the data collection and analysis be retrieved by a digital forensics expert. The courts will not accept information you printed off of your home computer. Before you change the metadata on your home computer hire an expert, hire us.


You deserve answers. You have an obligation to make decisions based on facts. Regardless of your reason for hiring a digital forensics examiner, we give you our guarantee that we will work our hardest to get you the information you’re seeking. Your first step towards closure is contacting us to schedule an appointment. You and your concerns are our priority and we will communicate that to you every step of the way.

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Robert Green
“Amazing” I gave them a mobile device that was destroyed and left in the rain. They recovered the data.

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We are Tampa Bay’s premiere digital forensics and data recovery company. We have more than 75 combined years of  experience in preserving and uncovering forensic evidence.

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