Trying to recover deleted text messages? Our expert analysts can help!

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Theft of Intellectual Property & Work Product

Solutions for Theft of Intellectual Property, Cyber Breaches, and FraudData Specialist Group will preserve your employee hard drive, analyze your employee's computer and provide reports documenting such items as: last 120 days of computer activity, recently deleted data, recently attached removable storage devices (including USB drives and Smart Phones), recent Internet activity, and recent third party email activity. Data Specialist Group can also preserve and analyze your employee’s smart phone or mobile device, providing a report on these items as well.
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theft of intellectual property and work product

texting and driving

Texting & Driving

Distracted Driving Cases Significantly Increased the Need for Texting While Driving ExpertsAs experts in the field of digital forensics, Data Specialist Group has been increasingly called upon to investigate cases where cell phones were used to commit crimes. Currently, we are working on a case where a person was distracted while driving, and inadvertently crashed into an unsuspecting victim. Using our state-of-the-art crime lab, we were able to find that the person was indeed texting and driving.
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Trying to recover deleted text messages? Our expert analysts can help!