September 8, 2015

Dwayne Denny

Dwayne Denny: Digital Forensics Expert

digital forensics expert on linked inDwayne Denny, founded the premier private investigations agency Surveillance Specialist Group fifteen years ago. It has since evolved into Data Specialist Group. Mr. Denny’s skills range from electronic intelligence gathering, counter intelligence, surveillance, corporate security (data and physical), as well as enterprise information technology.  Mr. Denny has been retained by companies and individuals from around the world for his expertise. He was qualified as an expert in electronically stored surveillance video by the New Jersey Superior Court Criminal Division. He conducted his first forensic investigation in 1997 as a self-taught digital forensics examiner. Mr. Denny underwent extensive training in computer and mobile forensics. He has since received forensic examiner certifications from Access Data Corporation.  Supplementing his investigative career, he is also a highly regarded expert in Information Technology (IT). The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) retained Mr. Denny three months before he graduated with honors in Advance Electronic Engineering. He has also served as the Director of IT for Keyspan Business Solutions (now known as National Grid). Today a number of small and medium sized companies retain his services as an expert in information technology. He served in our United States Army Reserves from 1985 to 1991. He currently servers as an Honorary Deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Dwayne Denny’s Credentials

Recon Certification Dwayne Denny
digital explorer
Dwayne Denny's Access Data Certified Examiner certificate
Digital Forensics Certified Evidence Response Expert
Certified Mac Forensics Examiner Certification
Access Data Android Forensics Certification For Dwayne Denny
iOS Forensic Examination certification Issued to Dwayne Denny
Certified Mobile Forensics Expert Certification issued to Dwayne Denny
Oxygen Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner Certificate issued to Dwayne Denny
Dwayne Denny's GPS & Call Detail Records Certified Expert Certification
Dwayne Denny is a Certified Forensic Data Collection Expert in Tampa FL
Private Investigator Dwayne Denny is a Certified Internet Forensics Examiner Tampa FL
Dwayne Denny is a Certified Windows Registry Digital Forensics Expert Tampa
Certified Phone Artifacts forensic examiner certificate issued to private investigator Dwane Denny
Dwayne Denny is a Certified Forensic Data Collection Expert in Tampa FL
Dwayne's Certificates 12
ISSA Certification