Anti-Skimming Technology

Customer swiping credit card with skimmer

Don’t let your customers get skimmed. We can help.

Anti-Skimming Technology, is our solution to the war on gas station skimmers. At least the ones on gas pumps that is. As you have already heard by now, skimming devices have become an annoyance for the credit card consumer. A quick stop for gas turns into fraudulent charges on your credit card. Then you are faced with the task of logging into all of your online accounts and changing your credit card information.

Before we discuss the many solutions to this problem we offer, we will first explain what skimmers are and how they work. A skimmer works like a hardware keystroke logger. In the same way a keystroke logger grabs your keystrokes, credit card skimmers are hardware devices that grab the credit card information. Many of these devices have their own internal memory that requires the bad guy to return and retrieve it. Other can be wireless. Once deployed a bad guy can sit in range of the wifi device and capture the data remotely. Never having to return to the pump. Our former Secret Service task force member Derrick Grace, investigated skimming devices on a daily basis and he’s an expert on the technology.

Skimmers are easily deployed because the keys used to secure the gas pumps are the same from Florida to Massachusetts. They can also be purchased on eBay. The current tamper tape solution just isn’t working. 90% of the time when I fuel up the tape either reads void or there is not tamper tape at all. The average consumer doesn’t know to look for the tamper tape and hundreds of cards may be swiped before the gas attendant’s even notice that it is missing.

Data Specialist Group and its parent company Surveillance Specialist Group, LLC have pooled our experts and developed a great low cost solution to this problem. Our solutions can:

• Obtain video inside the pump.

•Obtain video outside the pump.

• Passive systems will silently alert the attendant as well as email a snap shot of both cameras. System can be integrated with the existing alarm system to send a “pump tampering” signal to the police.

• Preventative or active systems will alert the area with strobes and sirens, turning other patrons into potential witnesses.

• Systems can be remotely monitored by your loss prevention team as well as integrated with existing CCTV systems.

•Redundant tampering protection using hardware and software solutions.

If you are a gas station owner or franchise, we have many solutions that fit all budgets. Our systems start at $499 installed by licensed low voltage contractors. We want to help you offer your patrons a shopping experience that doesn’t involve the risk of identity theft. We also want to help protect you from lawsuits and the legal troubles associated with failing to report cyber breaches. Don’t run the risk of being the next “Target”. Their data breach tally is an estimated $162 Million in net costs. Contact us today for a free consultation and schedule a site survey.

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