Save Money On Forensic Imaging and Data Collection

Save Money On Forensic Imaging and Data Collection Costs We recently had a conversation with an associate of the very prestigious global law firm Denton’s.  She was amazed at the varied data collection quotes (ranging from $1000-$5000) she received from vendors in the Tampa Bay area. That conversation inspired this blog post. Herein we explain some of the costs[…]

Cyber Bullying Investigations

CYBER BULLYING INVESTIGATIONS Operation “Bully Proof” Cyber bullying investigations can be very expensive. Since most teens use their smart phones, Data Specialist Group offers Free Mobile Forensics for victims of Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking. If you are like the majority of parents you rely on your children to help you with technology, as they are[…]

Are your kids using “Decoy Apps”?

Data Specialist Group, recently teamed up with WFLA News Channel 8’s reporter Candace McCowan to uncover “decoy apps”. Children are using these apps to hide contraband text messages, images, and other files, in what appears to be a calculator, game, or nested folder. Some decoy techniques completely obscure the existence of the apps entirely. Using forensics tools[…]

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Smart Phone Forensics, Tampa Florida

Infidelity smart phone forensics in  Tampa, Florida begins with Data Specialist Group. We provide  smart phone forensics and computer forensics  to assist in your infidelity investigation.  Data Specialist Group is based in Tampa, Florida and we aim to provide you with the highest quality service at a flat rate. Are you having relationship issues and reside in Florida area? […]