April 19, 2016

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeps

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Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services For Today’s Complex Digital World

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Our company’s founder began conducting technical surveillance counter measures (‘bug sweeps”) in New York over twenty years ago. His clients ranged from fortune five hundred companies, politicians, to a few members of organized crime. What sets us apart from other companies offering counter surveillance services is our founder’s experience in designing and building covert audio and video surveillance equipment and counter surveillance equipment, in addition to a vast level of digital forensics expertise.

In 1995, when he began his career in clandestine operations, the vast majority of “bugs” were wireless transmitters and actual wire taps. Today’s counter surveillance expert must have an understanding of circuit board level electronics as well as an understanding of complex computer networks.  Of greater importance he/she must have experience in handling evidence. In the past year we have had a number of counter surveillance operations quickly turn into criminal and civil matters. Most often today’s spy equipment usually transmits its data via wifi or cellular data.  Other “bugs” record directly to a DVR, computer, or removable media. As such, it’s imperative that the expert you hire has experience in collecting digital evidence.

Movies and television would have you believe that bugs cause your phones to click, beep, or pop. The truth is your conversations, images of you, and your data are silently being transferred over the Internet to the party stalking you. We recently conducted a counter surveillance operation that uncovered camera hidden in a young ladies bedroom. Our digital forensics team later uncovered the stalker, also installed spyware in her computer. He was able to view everything on her computer screen, record any conversation that occurred near her computer, as well as record video footage of her in various stages of undress via her webcam. Other counter surveillance operations are not as devious. For example we recently uncovered that an employee was monitoring his bosses via the companies phone system.

You’re not being paranoid. Online retailers often sell spy equipment disguised in coat hooks, iPad chargers, and thumb drives for as little as $8. These devices are capable of recording both audio and video for two weeks when used with 64GB micro SD cards. Our counter surveillance experts have also encountered smart phones hidden in cars that are capable of listening and tracking.

Counter Surveillance, TSCM, De-Bugging & Anti-Wiretapping

Debugging & Technical Surveillance Counter measure services provided by licensed private investigators with more than 25 years of counter surveillance experience.

What sets us apart from other agencies? Data Specialist Group offers unparalleled experience in Information technology and digital forensics. The great bulk of spying that’s done uses technologies already found in the home or office such as Bluetooth, WifI, and GPS. Our debugging and counter experts have the training and experience to locate the tiniest of electronic devices.

Are you under surveillance? Are you a victim video voyeurism?  Is someone stealing your company’s trade secrets? The key component to technical counter surveillance is the understanding of covert technology, as well as the ability to quickly identify audio and data taps. The key to catching the culprit is not alerting the other party you are on to them. Call us today (using a device and location you trust) for a free consultation.

For most private investigative agencies conducting a “bug sweep”, it is about putting on a show. Data Specialist Group has a reputation that speaks for itself. We have been featured in on “Channel 8 News on your side” and have worked on some of the most complex headlines-making cases. Our technicians have experience in all aspects of modern technology. Most spy equipment used today will either digitally store data or transmit its content over the internet. Our “bug sweep” team is trained to preserve and analyze electronically stored data. We are also experts in uncovering spyware in smart phones and computers.

Hidden Camera in Ceiling

Hidden Camera in Ceiling

USB Voice Activated Recorder

usb voice activated recorder

Located Hidden Cameras

Hidden Camera

Today’s technology and conveniences make it very easy to conceal a multitude of audio, video, and digital recording devices in clocks, keychains, and Bluetooth ear pieces. While most people are looking for that freak at the gym filming them, the person stalking you could be a co-worker, employer, or even a family member. Our video voyeur investigators have found websites like Amazon and Ebay sell equipment that is illegal to use in the United States to the extent it often conceals a microphone. Our video voyeur investigators will ensure the admissibility of any evidence found, as well as offer expert testimony to their findings.

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Counter Surveillance Can Locate:

  • Analog Devices
  • Digital Devices
  • WIFI Devices
  • Hidden Wireless Networks
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Cellular Devices
  • Broadband Devices
  • Wired and Wireless Cameras
  • Spyware in smart phones
  • Network Intrusions
  • Spyware and exploits in computers
  • Wiretaps
  • Router/Firewall Configurations
  • Packet Capture
  • Wireless Audio Devices
  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Bluetooth Device Hacking
  • Screen Recorders
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Phone Taps
  • Email Monitoring (does not require physical access to your computer)
  • Remote Computer Monitoring
  • Keystroke Loggers
  • Micro digital Video Recorders
  • Microphones hidden in ceilings and floors
  • Nanny cameras
  • E-mails bombs
  • Computer Spyware
  • Hacked Laptop Microphones that can send your conversation as an email via MP3
  • Telephone Recorders
  • Hacked Webcams
  • Spyware

Beyond traditional debugging and counter surveillance services:

There are some circumstances whereby the “spying” is a result of unsecured data access points. These are failures on the part of a spouse or an employer in identifying sources the party in question may have had or currently still has accessiblility. Our debugging and cyber security experts often find information leaks in the form of:

  • Failure to change Wifi security, which allowed an employ to access a small business network.
  • Failure to change keyless entry code to vehicle, which resulted in the installation of listen devices and GPS tracking devices.
  • Failure to change password to online accounts and or de-authorize devices that were previously shared. This allowed a third party to monitor their activity via iMessage, Gmail, and other online means of communications.

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