April 3, 2018

Digital Makeover

Digital Makeover

Our Digital Makeover is like joining the witness protection program, without leaving home. We help you virtually disappear from the virtual world. We can’t get you entirely off the grid, but we can help you safely hide your identity while online. Our Team of information technology experts, private investigators, identity theft consultants, and digital forensics experts have put together the most comprehensive set of guidelines for your cybersecurity as well as your physical security.

That smartphone you can’t seem to put down is a listening device and a tracking device. Your smartphone knows who you call, text, sext, like, and swiped to the left. Even if you turn off your location services, your smartphone knows what cell towers are connected to you as well as the IP addresses that you communicate with.  If your mobile device is hacked, it can become the world’s greatest private investigator to the extent that it has years of information stored inside. If compromised, your smartphone can be like your best friend suddenly exposing all of your business.

Our Digital Makeover service is not for everyone. The Digital Makeover is designed to help people who are dealing with divorce, child custody, harassment, stalking, cyberstalking, hacking, tracking and identity theft. It is intended for those who need to remove themselves from harm’s way and future embarrassment.  If you are reading this webpage, most likely your past is haunting you. Perhaps you just want to move on with your new life without the fear of your former partner cyberstalking you. We use our advanced skills as experts in cybersecurity to digitally remove you from harm’s way.

In the past when you broke up, you split belongings, changed the locks, and split assets. In this new digital world, we remain connected by this invisible thing called the internet. Thanks to the Internet of Things, spouses can use apps to unlock doors, use your child’s iPad to track you, and tap into your security cameras. Something as simple as a forgotten keyfob app or unchanged door code can give your former partner access to your vehicle. The Digital Makeover expert assigned to your case will help you secure your home, your devices, your internet, and your vehicles.

Unfortunately, some spouses just can’t let go. They stalk and harass their ex as well as the ex’s new lover, parents, and friends.  This behavior very often includes tracking vehicles, spyware on mobile devices, and interception of communications. We have investigated numerous cases where spouses have been hacked as well as inadvertently hacked themselves by leaving technology in the marital home. If you link back to your past, your past can link back to you. The Digital Makeover is designed to break those links, sever those ties, and give you a new safe and more secure cyber life.

Though laws are slowly changing to punish hackers and stalkers, the damage can be devastating. For example, in one of our cases, the husband who had been separated from his former spouse gained access to his wife’s cloud storage. He downloaded nude pictures and videos of her with her new lover. With the threat of uploading the media to a porn website, he attempted to extort her for sex. If you were faced with this situation, you might consider calling the police or suing. The problem is, in both civil and criminal matters that private data could become “public record” after its entered as evidence.  The Digital Makeover is designed to help you secure your digital life before you become a victim.  Don’t let your spouse use your personal information to get the upper hand in your divorce or child custody case, call us today for a free consultation at 888-747-6855 and ask for a Digital Makeover.

Attorney’s call today and schedule a free lunch and learn so that we may help you educate your client’s on how to secure their personal information so that it can’t be later used against them in court.

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