April 28, 2014

Expert Witness

Litigation Support

Data Specialist Group has managed thousands of investigations and e-Discovery matters. Our E-Discovery Expert Witness, possess the necessary credentials to provide expert testimony on almost any topic related to electronically stored information (ESI), including:

  • The reliability of collection practices utilized by your opponent or a third party
  • The soundness of data collections performed by our own team of data collection and forensic experts
  • The procedures followed to identify, filter, process, review and produce ESI
  • The validation of ESI from local and cloud based systems.

We all know the role of the digital forensic expert often relates to the forensic analysis of electronic media.  Their testimony regarding how they recovered files from unallocated space or evidence of unauthorized copying or downloading of data is necessary to the admissibility of the evidence. Our e-discovery consultants, however, offer additional expertise.  It is our e-discovery expert witness’s job to also attest to the sufficiency of your company’s methods for preservation, collection, review, and production of electronic data. We can provide the voice of compliance.

Litigators rely on the fact that most small to medium size companies are not familiar with preservation request and e-Discovery compliance. They are relying on the fact the IT Department will make mistakes. In an era of adverse inference sanctions and default judgments imposed for missteps in e-discovery responses, the expert who persuades the court that your company has complied with its e-discovery obligations can be extremely important. To the extent we are often called upon to document the other party has failed to meet their e-discovery obligations or intentionally destroyed data.

The e-Discovery Expert Witnesses Team at Data Specialist Group brings with them an unimpeachable, indisputable reputation of success and familiarity with the courts. Our experts have appeared before the courts in numerous criminal court matters including federal and appellate.  In addition we have experts that have backgrounds in Information Technology that extends from the New York Stock Exchange, KeySpan Energy, and other large institutions. We have more than 50 years of combined criminal and civil investigative experience from law enforcement and private investigations.

Too often employees fail to observe the fact that electronically stored information (ESI) is work product or intellectual property. They believe if it’s so easily emailed, uploaded or copied to a thumb drive, it has no value and it is free for the taking. When an employee steals identity-based record, it’s considered a “cyber breach”. Your failure to properly secure and maintain your client’s data puts you at risk for substantial litigation and state fines. Among these substantial penalties, you also run the risk of tarnishing your brand. Your employee actions are your responsibility.

Data Specialist Group now offers the “Digital Exit Interview”. For the very first time you can afford to have your departing employee’s devices examined by an impartial third party digital forensics expert. For a flat rate of $1299 we will:

  • Preserve your employee hard drive to an Encase* E01 image
  • Analyze your employees computer** and provide reports documenting:
    • Last 120 days of computer activity
    • Recently deleted data
    • Recently attached removable storage devices (including USB drives and Smart Phones)
    • Recent Internet activity
    • Recent third party email activity
  • Preserve and analyze your employee’s smart phone or mobile device and produce a report with all relevant information available**.

For the very first time, employers can meet their obligations to protect client data and trade secrets at a third of the market cost. Our digital exit interview has proven to be an integral part of resolving unforeseen legal disputes initiated by a departed employee. Data Specialist Group’s team of digital forensics experts have 100 combined years of experience. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about this amazing product. Nationwide toll free 888.747.6855

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