May 30, 2015

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations

Have you noticed any of these telltale signs of a cheating spouse?

  • Keeps smartphone close at all times
  • Evasiveness
  • Lost interest in sexual activity
  • Quick to argue
  • Mood swings
  • Suspicious activity
  • Increasingly distant and inaccessible
  • Excessive excuses
  • Hard to reach or unexplained gaps in schedule
  • ATM withdrawls

If your spouse is cheating on you and you want concrete proof, call our cheating spouse private investigators: 1-888-747-6855

Unfortunately, relationships do not always go as planned. Do you suspect that your wife or husband may be cheating on you? If you have to ask, they probably are. So let us help you prove what your gut is already telling you. The cheating spouse investigators at Data Specialist Group are your go to professionals for private investigative needs in Tampa, FL. We use our 60+ years of combined experience to uncover the facts that will lead to your peace of mind. Who’s better than law enforcement trained detectives to investigate your partner? We also have a staff of computer and mobile phone data recovery experts, trained in recovering deleted text messages, internet activity, and other digital evidence.

Our experience with family law cases sets us apart from other private investigations agencies. Our investigators and digital forensics team are vital in documenting the affair. Quite often, home computers and smart phones contain the facts you need. In other cases, a mobile surveillance is needed. During our investigation of the infidelity, we often uncover evidence that the spouse is depleting marital assets. This information can significantly impact your divorce settlement.

The fear and pain associated with the suspicion of infidelity is very real. The investigators at Data Specialist Group take your situation seriously. No matter who you are, you deserve to know if our partner is cheating or not. Our cheating spouse investigators give you the piece of mind needed to move forward with your life. These types of cases can be very personal and sensitive. Our team is committed to using discretion in providing you with investigative services. If you need a cheating spouse private investigator Sarasota FL, call us. We are here for you.

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Why Choose Data Specialist Group?

  • 20 years of experience conducting counter surveillance (Bug Sweeps)
  • Licensed Private Investigator (as required by the State of Florida)
  • Experts in traditional “bug sweeps” and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures equipment
  • Experts in mobile forensics and uncovering spyware in smart phones
  • Experts in digital forensics and uncovering spyware in computers
  • Experienced in circuit board level electronics
  • Licensed low voltage electrical contractor with expertise in security cameras, phone systems, home and business networks
  • Experience in black bag operations installing covert audio and video cameras (it takes an expert to catch an expert)
  • Expertise in complex Information Technology systems
  • Court Qualified as an expert in digital surveillance systems that electronically store information
Computer Forensics Experts