April 9, 2014

Mobile Forensics Tampa FL

Data Specialist Group difference we offer’s the best return on your investment when it comes to mobile forensics. The company you hire based on price alone, may only process your mobile device using one forensic tool. That tool may not be the best tool for your device or the data you intend to recover. The evidence that tool fails to recover, may just be the evidence you needed. When it comes to mobile forensics, DSG uses the best “tools” based upon the given device.  We have on of the most extensive mobile forensics labs in Tampa Bay Florida, if not all of Florida. In most cases we can provide results within 24 hours. DSG has invested in the same experts and mobile forensic tools as federal and state law enforcement agencies. Our smartphone forensics lab includes  XRYEncase 7, Cellebrite, Access Data’s MPE Plus, Lantern, Mobile Edit, and Oxygen just to name a few.  We only use proven tools that recognized by the courts.

Mobile Forensics

Forensics cell phone data recovery is a branch of digital forensics that relates to the recovery of electronically stored information from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions by utilizing acceptable collection and preservation methods. These methodologies ensure the integrity of data from a subject device. In short, it’s not evidence if it’s not admissible in court.

With the advent of the Smartphone, the methodologies and technologies used to gather data has become progressively more complicated. Older techniques are no longer suitable as Smartphone’s now have the ability to store more data than ever before. Smartphone’s vary by carrier, manufacturer, software, firmware, and applications. These variables in combination present a hefty task for data forensics experts and have shifted the landscape of mobile device forensics. With new mobile devices being launched every year, it is imperative that digital forensic professionals continue to learn and adapt to newer technologies, as there is not a “one size fits all” approach.

Data Specialist Group has one of the largest mobile device forensics lab in central Florida. If it can be recovered, we have the tools and the certified forensics experts to recover your data. Forensic cell phone data recovery is a requirement of admissible evidence in both criminal and civil matters. Our services are also relied upon to resolve domestic issues.  If you are new to mobile device forensics, we will provide you with a basic understanding of mobile forensics.

Benefits Of Mobile Forensics

Our mobile phones contain information of all our electronic communications (e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) None of this information is truly “deleted”, even though the prompt on the screen tells us otherwise. This information is essential evidence in an investigation and only an experienced data forensics expert can extract this data and preserve its integrity. That’s where our digital forensics experts come in. We provide detailed reports, certification of business records, and expert witness testimony. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Mobile devices, especially our smart phones, contain electronic records about all of our activity—from the places we shop and eat, to the route we bring our dogs for a walk. This information can either provide law enforcement the information they need to find us, or criminals everything they need to exploit us. For example, there are over 60 variables that are stored inside the metadata of each and every photo that is taken from an iPhone. This information ranges from the exact time and date the photo was taken, to the GPS coordinates (both longitudinal and latitudinal).

Decoy Apps

Android Self Extraction

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The Data Specialist Group Difference

Forensically handling these mobile devices and analyzing their data is second nature to DSG. It’s our years of investigative experience that helps our client legally obtain the devices as well as represent our findings in a court of law if needed. It’s important to note that not all “mobile forensics” examinations are the same. For example, some infidelity forensic examinations are as simple as recovering deleted emails, text, images and placing them into a report. No real analysis involved. Other mobile forensics examinations such spyware, missing person, cyber bullying and corporate espionage cases require extensive analysis.  It’s DSG’s goal to always bring our clients the most cost effective solution. Though we specialize in iPhone Forensics, Android forensics cellular forensics for all devices. Our consultations are always free 888-747-6855!

Mobile Forensics Offers The Best ROI

Mobile Forensics is the leading source of information in the majority of our infidelity investigations. Years ago our clients would spend thousands of dollars conducting a surveillance on their partner. Traditional surveillance runs the risk of the subject not being active or simply not cheating that day. Mobile forensics and Computer Forensics offers the infidelity investigators the ability to document the subjects activities over time. Often cheating spouses incriminates themselves with GPS artifacts, sexting, deleted text messages, emails and dictionary content. Our non-litigation mobile forensics investigations start as low as $399. iPhone and iPad backups contain a great bulk of the data stored in the actual phone. We also have self extraction kits for Android devices. Call now to hear about special offers!

Mobile Forensics Typically Uncovers

• Text, SMS, MMS including deleted • Internet Activity • Social Media Information • Live and Deleted Pictures and Images • Call Logs and Detail Records • Live and Deleted Voice Messages • Contact Lists • Internet and Third Party Email such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN) • Calendars and Appointment Records • GPS and Location Data (known as breadcrumbs) • Installed Applications • Mobile Spyware • Logical and Physical Extractions of iOS Devices • Logical extraction via USB and Network of Android Devices • Passcode recovery of some iOS and Android devices • Link Analysis • Hidden Applications • Wifi Connections • Bluetooth Connections

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News Channel 8 WFLA often turns to us for help with their stories because we have the most extensive mobile forensics lab in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Mobile Forensics Computer Forensics Experts
Mobile Forensics Computer Forensics Experts
Mobile Forensics
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