April 3, 2018

How to Prevent Spouse Hacking and Spousal Spying

How to Prevent Spouse Hacking and Spousal Spying

Spouse Hacking and Spousal Spying has become one of the most prolific issues of our generation. From the moment your spouse became aware of the divorce, it is almost guaranteed you will be hacked, tracked or spied on by your spouse. From our experience spouses hack each other in efforts gain the upper hand in the divorce, prove infidelity, uncover assets, and win custody disputes. The more you have at stake, the more likely you will be hacked by your spouse. Spouse hacking is not limited to the theft of information. In some cases, it can involve disseminating false information. For example, fake emails making custody agreements, spoofed text messages assuming debt, and adding their names to your business accounts.

Hackers use data mining, social engineering, and phishing to collect personal information about you in efforts to later conduct a “Spear phishing” attack. As a component of your marriage the social engineering, data mining, and phishing information have already been collected. Your spouse has everything they need to hack you. They know your social security number, DOB, former addresses, as well as the answer to all of your security questions. Your spouse has everything they need to hack you.

Spouse hacking has become part of the grieving process in recent divorces. That person who was once the love of your life is now dedicated to ruining your life and has probably already promised you they would. Facebook and other social networking sites are now a means of keeping tabs on you. Posting on Facebook has become the number one source of evidence for family attorneys. Amazon and eBay have made hidden cameras and vehicle tracking devices available to anyone and everyone. So it’s easy for the spouse to monitor you remotely. Though it’s challenging to place spyware on your phone without physically accessing it, your iCloud and Google accounts, if compromised, can in some cases is better than having the device in hand.

Data Specialist Group has more than eighteen years of experience in family law investigations. In contrast to other agencies that offer technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) (also known as bug sweeps), we have the unique ability to conduct examinations on the information technology systems used to monitor your communications and trace them back to their source. Hidden cameras, listening devices, spyware and tracking devices typically operate over wifi or cellular. Once we locate the device, we monitor its data packets and follow them to the destination IP address. Our digital forensics team has conducted countless forensic examinations on smartphones and computers to uncover hidden apps, spyware, and other monitoring software. If you believe your spouse is hacking you,  call us now from a secure location.

How To Prevent Being Hacked By Your Spouse

Data Specialist Group offers the most comprehensive services in securing your future and avoiding future cyber attacks. Our “Digital Makeover” will assist you in protecting your devices, your online accounts, and your home. It’s like joining the witness protection program, without leaving home. Please call us today and schedule your free consultation.

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