Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Smart Phone Forensics, Tampa Florida

Infidelity smart phone forensics in  Tampa, Florida begins with Data Specialist Group. We provide  smart phone forensics and computer forensics  to assist in your infidelity investigation.  Data Specialist Group is based in Tampa, Florida and we aim to provide you with the highest quality service at a flat rate. Are you having relationship issues and reside in Florida area? […]

Duplicate Copies During a Forensic Data Collection

7 Reason to make duplicate copies during a forensic data collection by The basic reason for a forensic data collection is to preserve data as well as its integrity.  There are many ways to conduct forensic data collection services. At Data Specialist Group, we believe that dual imaging data collection should be conducted whenever possible. […]

Digital Detective vs. Private Investigator “Who should you hire?”

Digital Detective vs. Private Investigator “Who should you hire?” Yesterdays private investigator is outdated. With so many digital devices at play, essentially all investigations have the potential of being an eDiscovery case. We use an actual case to show what evidence may have been overlooked if the Private Investigator had not been trained in Digital[…]

Mobile Forensics Vs. Surveillance, Which has the best ROI?

Surveillance Specialist Group explains how the landscape of private investigations has changed over the past few years. Yesterday’s PI that simply relies on mobile surveillance may work for insurance fraud cases, but may be inadequate for corporate and infidelity cases. Watch this video to learn why mobile forensics offers the best return on your investment.[…]

Catch A Cheating Spouse with iPhone Forensics

Catch A Cheating Spouse with iPhone Forensics This blog post was inspired by a client who seduced her husband. After he passed out from love making, she slip into the next room and backed up his phone. The backup took 10 minutes, 24 hrs later he was busted. The #1 way to catch a cheating[…]

Is Cloud Storage Safe? Forensics Experts Say No.

Ask any forensic examiner and they will tell you that nothing is ever truly deleted.  So the question becomes, “Can you delete information from the Cloud?” As someone who has conducted many Cloud storage forensic examinations, my immediate answer would be no.  Online data storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OpenDrive, and Drive HFQ File[…]

Protect your children and your business from Cyber Bullies!

Put Cyber Bullies on Alert! [custom_frame_center shadow=”on”] [/custom_frame_center] The web is a great source of information as well as a double edged sword. Social media can make or break your home life as well as your business. Unfortunately evil, and often jealous people can use social media to post negative, mean and often hurtful information[…]