Cyber Bullying Investigations


Operation “Bully Proof”

Cyber bullying investigations can be very expensive. Since most teens use their smart phones, Data Specialist Group offers Free Mobile Forensics for victims of Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking.

Free mobile forensics for victims of cyber bullying.

If you suspect your child is being cyber bullied or cyber stalked, we can help.

If you are like the majority of parents you rely on your children to help you with technology, as they are more tech savvy. Cyber Bullying didn’t exist several years ago, so your parents can’t help you. We hate to spy on our kids, but it’s necessary when your gut tells you something is wrong.

A cyber bullying investigation begins with a thorough mobile forensics investigation of your child’s smart phone performed by a qualified digital forensic examiner. Our mobile forensics tools can uncover photos and text from hidden apps.

Our goal is to help uncover the evidence you need so that the police can commence their investigation.  We strongly recommend that parents do not attempt to look through the phone or computer on their own. You will most certainly trample the evidence and most certainly miss data that has been deleted or hidden. Contact us for a free consultations?

Are your kids hiding inappropriate behavior or interactions?

Most parents have never heard of decoy apps. “Decoy apps” are designed for every application on your mobile device to hide what your child, partner, or employee is actually doing. What appears to be a calculator that’s being used for homework could actually be a decoy hiding inappropriate material and communication. Only an expert in digital forensics can recover this data. Click here to watch our news channel 8 exclusive. Call us for your free consultation and details on this offer.