May 3, 2018

Facebook and Social Media Preservation

Facebook and Social Media Preservation

Facebook and Social Media Preservation

Facebook and Social Media Preservation are one of the many products offered by Data Specialist Group (DSG).  As you already know Facebook and Social Media post are discoverable. They can be used to impeach a witness’s credibility. However to make sure your evidence is admissible it needs to adequately preserved.  DSG  employes digital forensics experts as well as licensed private investigators which gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.  We can testify as to both cyber expertise in collecting online content as well as our “observations” of the material.

We preserve social media and website content by converting it into an electronic image can be viewed, electronically transmitted, uploaded to Relativity or printed hard copy evidence to be later used in court.  This process dramatically reduces the confusion and conforms with the standards of admissible evidence. All of our Facebook and Social Media Preservations are time and date stamped along with the URL of the website the data was collected from. Additionally, we reduce the need, expense, and headache that generally goes along with attempting to subpoena this information.

Data integrity refers to the overall completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data as it relates to Facebook and Social Media Preservation. Data authenticity means that a digital object is indeed what it claims to be or what it is claimed to be. FRE Rule 901 requires that Electronically Stored Information (ESI) like social media content must be authenticated to verify it is what it claims to be. Most state rules concerning eDiscovery are based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – FRCP Rule 34(b)(1)(c), and Federal Rules of Evidence – FRE rule 901(a) – which indicate that parties must provide proof of data integrity and data authenticity for evidence.  That’s where DSG comes in. Our job is to preserve the data and testify if needed to its authenticity.

Benefits Of Facebook and Social Media Forensics

Our Facebook and Social Media preservation have recently become one of our most relied upon litigation support systems. People post, tweet, blog, and chat all day long. They upload their entire life to the internet. It’s our job to capture it in an easy to read and understand format. If you believe their online content may be material to your matter call us immediately so that we can archive it before someone advises them to take it down.

Comment [8] to Model Rule 1.1 recently published by the American Bar Association, stated that a lawyer “should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology”[2]; this means utilizing the internet and social media and making all feasible efforts to partake in the eDiscovery process of a case. DSG makes that process simple for attorney’s as we do all of the work for you at the low cost of $200 per social media account.  Give us a  call for a free estimate for your Social Media Forensics and Social Media Preservation needs.

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