How to Take Control of your Child’s Digital Life III

girls sitting at table using smart phones

The digital forensics experts of Data Specialist Group provide insight into cyber parenting.

How to Take Control of your Child’s Digital Life

 Part 3 – How to Monitor their Devices

1) Smart Phones and computers have some security features built in the product, but it may not be enough in some cases. There are currently numerous other 3rd party monitoring applications for phone and computer devices that can provide comprehensive coverage.

2) Apple Devices, iPhones and computers have built in features that are very good at filtering/blocking and controlling data. To setup an iPhone parental controls do the following;

Go to Settings and turn on (Enable) Restrictions (enter passcode). Then you can configure the devices access to the internet, filter content and app control.

3) Android type phones(Samsung, LG, etc..) do not have built in controls like the iPhone and may need 3rd party tools to control the device. Beware of installing some free apps for monitoring/security apps as they may be accessing more than you want. Research online for the most reliable product that suits your needs.

4) Here are some examples of 3rd party filtering/monitoring app products that have been advertised as providing reliable service (DSG does not endorse any of these products or is affiliated with same) :

5) There isn’t a silver bullet to stop all possible cyber threats from occurring but  with good parental controls, open communications with your children about the online dangers and good old fashioned paternal vigilance, it will reduce their risk of becoming a victim and give you piece of mind.