Skimmers Threaten National Security


Skimmers Threaten National Security

When Data Specialist Group first introduced its solution to the wide spread skimmer issue we truly believed we created a solution to a very big problem. Skimmers hide in gas pumps and ATM machines. They collect credit card data which is later written to homemade credit cards or sold on websites. Their value is dependent upon how new the credit card data is. The newer the data, the less likely the card will be declined by a fraud department.

As we dove deeper into the skimmer issue we discovered an article on that associated credit card fraud with funding terrorism.  So the question quickly became, are the people behind skimmer devices associated with terrorists?

Of greater concern is the possibility that our nation’s gas pumps are not only easily accessible, it appears there is not adequate surveillance of the pumps to identify who is installing these devices. At least not with enough detail to identify the skimmer scammers or the vehicles they are driving. The other issue is that employees are finding these devices days, weeks, and months after they are installed.

We now believe that skimmers could, in the near future, be the least of our worries. It is only a matter of time before some evil doer discovers that they can conceal more than a skimmer inside the gas pump, which is a terrifying thought. Skimmer scammers are using wireless technology.  They have demonstrated that they have the ability to remotely control devices. Perhaps the threat to the American public will be enough to motivate gas station owners and franchises to finally address the issue.

Our anti-skimmer technology would not only solve the skimmer issue, it would secure gas pumps from other threats.


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